Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CarPC Basics (Part 2) - VGA touchscreens

The very first thing and to me is a must-have (if not the carpc experience would be severly compromised) is the VGA touchscreen.

This is my screen. I got a friend to buy and ship in for me from Guangzhou. The performance is quite decent, although it's china made. I took it apart and it uses a Hitachi LCD.

It cost me close to SGD300 plus shipping, cheaper than shipping from US.

- Touch screen is very important for a carpc's usability. You would not want to be fiddling with a keyboard and mouse on the go!
- VGA is a must since we are using a PC. These days, there are higher resolution screens that uses DVI and/or even HDMI.
- We are most likely to use the widescreen 7inch screens. 8 inch may be too big for some consoles.

Some websites where you could get the better screens. Bybytes even has the metra kit + screen, which save you problems with fitting

Lilliput screens are widely used in the carpc community.

One problem about the el-cheapo screens is the sunlight readable. It's not bad, but under direct sunlight, it's quite blurr. You can get the very expensive transrelative screens if you really want the readability under direct sunlight. To me, a shade on top of the screen is enough..

To be continued...I'll talk about the main core of carpcs. CPUs, motherboards or laptop choice.

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