Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Past Project : Subaru WRX Sti Version (2011)

The owner approached me after seeing my blog.
He wanted a PC in his car not only to enjoy the functionality, but also to monitor his car through OBD.

Computer Specification:
AMD E-350 Zacate
4GB Ram
Lilliput LED screen.

During installation...

Mounting the pc below the driver's seat.

[RESERVED SPACE] - Pics of screen and finished product.

Past project : Toyota Fielder

Past projects

2010 - Toyota Fielder (Axio Station Wagon)

The car pc - ASUS mini-itx carpc mounted underneath the carseat.

Tight and clean underneath the car seat. with easy access to the various ports.

Mounting the screen in progress

First screen with some gaps on the dashboard.

Owner did not like the first screen and upgraded to a Lilliput screen mounted seamlessly.