Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Intel Atom in my Hyundai Avante

I have a carpc in my hyundai avante for about 3 years now.
Recently I have upgraded to a ATOM chipset (from the old VIA mini-itx board)
Showing some pics I took during the install.

Testrunning the setup at home desk

The carpc with its mini-itx ATOM board

Fitting the VGA touchscreen

Fitment to the console

Mess of wires

PC mounted below driver seat

Amp mounted below passenger seat

First mounted and boot to Windows

My frontend

A full screen mtv

Integrated Garmin

Other items connected to the car pc
- starhub 3G mobile broadband via a USB-stick
- OBDII reader (Avante uses CAN-bus)
- USB dvb-t, dab and FM radio stick
- Bluetooth handsfree

Some people might ask... why put a PC in the car?
- Huge storage space. That's a lot of songs and videos.
- Big screen GPS
- Price.. it costs much less than the SONYs or Alpine double dins, yet performs as good. (Total setup is less than SGD 1k)
- Way better but costs not much more than the china-made 2 dins.
- I'm geeky and loved the curious look from frens exclaiming ... "You have a Windows in your car!!"


  1. Wow impressive! When you wanna do for me :P


  2. Hi Danny,

    How you reconnect a lcd screen to a player ?

    i have a 7" used screen taken out from a protable DVD player but im loss a how to hook up to my car player.

    what extra componet needed to connect the wire ? eg: input video and sound plug in

  3. That is most impresive. Think ur ride can use can-bus for interface with the OBD2 port ain't it? Would be really cool to see it running digital graphs for water temp, rpms etc. Maybe can even get hold of sensors to grab oil press.. Good job sir. Well-done :)

  4. Can this be done on Mazda 2 SP '06 model.. i thk the head unit is not so easy to modify. I also thk the buttons on the steering wheel will not be able to use anymore.. can verify?

  5. The new car pc system views:
    Fanless Car PC SD625FCE CF Reader, Support Intel Pentium M and Celeron M CPU (FSB400MHz)
    Support Intel Pentium M and Celeron M CPU (FSB400MHz)
    Intel 855GME / ICH 4
    Thermal Control Technology
    On-board 10/100 LAN, 1394, USB 2.0
    Ultra low noise and low power consumption
    Support standard 2.5" hard disk
    Power in: DC 12V
    Dimention: (W x D x H) 6.15" x 10.5" x 2.18" / 15.6cm x 25.6cm x 5.6cm
    Weight: 2.5KG (fully equipped)

  6. Intel® Atom™ Processor:
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    Today Intel Atom processors integrate features such as controllers for memory, graphics, video, and display for a host of new applications that deliver flexibility and innovation. In the future, 32nm-based System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions will provide even greater functionality and form factor options.
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  7. That's awesome, man! That's a pretty good all-in-one system you have there. It's cool that you were able to integrate these systems in your Hyundai using a unit with an Intel Atom processor running things. Now you won't get lost, and you won't be bored if ever you get stuck in traffic.